Safety & Security

Shocked to see your Vehicle missing? Noticed the towing marks but not sure which Traffic Police Chowkie your Vehicle was towed to?
Ab no tension. TravelPulse's 'Towing Alert' feature instantly alerts you when your Vehicle is being towed so you can immediately rush and stop it from being towed. In the event you are too late to stop the towing, you can track your Vehicle's real-time location on Google Maps and see the direction in which it is travelling so you exactly know where your Vehicle is being towed to.

Panicked to notice your Vehicle missing and could not spot the towing marks nearby? Suspecting that your Vehicle was stolen?
Ab no tension. In the unfortunate situation when your Vehicle is stolen, all you have to do it call TravelPulse's 24 x 7 Call Centre and we will remotely switch off and lock your Vehicle's Engine (when the Vehicle's speed comes to 0 km/hr) so the Vehicle cannot be moved any further. (Note: This feature is only applicable for key start vehicle)

Not sure how safe your children drive your Vehicle in your absence?
Ab no tension. TravelPulse lets you set a speed limit for your Vehicle and instantly alerts you when it crosses your pre-set speed limit. It also alerts you whenever your Vehicle crosses instances of rash driving like Harsh Braking, Harsh Acceleration and Dangerous Speeding above 90 kmph.